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More New Lawson!

Yesterday saw the release of the next Lawson novel, THE RIPPER, which puts Lawson back in Boston trying to uncover the identity of a serial killer while dodging a Chinese assassin, dealing with Marty’s advances, counseling Niles, and dealing with Arthur’s past. It’s a chaotic mix of non-stop action and mayhem. And sales have been […]

Upcoming Release Schedule… 1

With the entire Lawson Vampire backlist selling well on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, I’ve decided to get a lot of stories, novellas, and novels out into the ebook marketplace. So, to give you a snapshot of what’s ahead, here’s a list of what you can expect between now and next year. The exact […]

The Week Ahead… 3

Got a busy week ahead: I’ll be sending out the next chapter of THE MADAGASCAR MATTER later today. This has been on-hold lately because of the other projects I’ve been involved in as well as some personal stuff that cropped up. In any event, we’ll be back on a regular schedule now, after leaving Lawson […]

THE FIXER Graphic Novel Cover Art Revealed 6

Artist Brian McCulloch has delivered the final painting for THE FIXER graphic novel cover and it’s fantastic stuff! I especially admire how well he was able to capture actor Brandon Stumpf and the background of Vienna (where the first part of the story takes place). This is going to be a gorgeous book and Brian’s […]

TV GUYS – Chapter 1 5

Note: This is a reprint of a column I started writing last year that fizzled out as my schedule got more complex. I’ll be reprinting the columns here over the next few months and then continuing where I left off last year. Enjoy! If I were pitching my current project as a movie in Hollywood, […]

Giveaway #4: Ninjutsu + Werewolves! 11

Oh, this is a good one! First up: we’ve got a great training package from my great friend Ken Savage at The Winchendon Martial Arts Center in Winchendon, MA. How do four private lessons sound with a master ninjutsu instructor? Ken will teach you over the course of four one-hour private lessons, the fundamentals of […]

First Look: THE FIXER Graphic Novel (Cover) 4

I’m very happy to release this preliminary sketch of THE FIXER graphic novel cover. It’s going to be an amazing cover, painted by artist Brian McCulloch. Interior art glimpses coming soon. Remember, this may well be your only chance to own this incredible book, so please get your orders in now by using the convenient […]

Recent Events Round-Up… 1

So, to recap for the new folks following me on Twitter and Facebook: 1. I have a new deal with St. Martin’s Press for the Lawson Vampire series. Book 5 comes out in Spring 2011 and I’m thrilled to be with a major publisher and awesome editor. 2. A special 3-chapbook series of Lawson missions […]