The Fixer

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New Ronin Entertainment is proud to present our first television production, THE FIXER, based on the Lawson Vampire novels by Jon F. Merz. Called “James Bond with fangs,” THE FIXER tells the story of Lawson, a cynical, jaded part cop/spy/commando divinely chosen from birth to help protect the Balance – the line separating humanity and the race of living vampires that has evolved in secret alongside humans over thousands of years. Called upon to protect his race by rooting out rogues, criminals, terrorists, and ne’er-do-wells, Lawson dispenses justice with extreme prejudice, sarcasm by the bowlful, and bullets by the pound. Lawson’s area of operations (AO) is Boston and New England, but his previous missions have taken him all over the world.

What makes THE FIXER so unique and utterly cool? Unlike every other vampire story, the vampires in Lawson’s world are *not* undead. They’re members of a separately evolving race that has existed in secret for thousands of years. They have their own society carefully intermingled with humans who, for the most part, have no idea they exist.

A thrilling mix of Crime, Espionage, and Magic – THE FIXER will deliver pulse-pounding episodes and stars Manchester, NH-native Brandon S. Stumpf as Lawson. Produced entirely in the New England area and featuring New England actors and crew, THE FIXER is destined for a TV screen near you very soon!

Watch our first teaser trailer in full HD!

Artwork & Stills from THE FIXER (more coming soon!)
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