So I decided to launch a blog again.  I’ve done these in the past, first over at Blogger, which I never really enjoyed and then at Livejournal, which I found equally ugly.  WordPress, even in its free form, offers a fair amount of customization and I enjoy making things look reasonably cool.

Eventually, I’ll track down the jerk who re-registered my domain name and wrestle it back where it belongs and at that point, this blog will be better integrated with my overall new “offish” website.  For now, just come on out here and we’ll chew the fat in these digs for the time being.

Please be sure to check me out online at the sites over on the right side of your screen.  I’m all over the place and as I figure out this concept of social media and how much more I should be using to promote my writing and my various other entertainment businesses, you’ll probably find me popping up with the frequency of an unwanted relative at the holidays.  But I smell much better.

That’s it for now.  Hope you’ll check me out often and let me know what you think of my various posts.  The next one will be political, so you’ve been warned!