A Variety of Updates…

Lots of stuff happening lately. Here’s a recap:

1. I’ve signed on with a new agent and I’m absolutely thrilled to have him in my corner. Joe Monti at Barry Goldblatt Literary will be representing my work. I’m totally stoked to be with BG Literary. They have a fantastic subrights department, have partnered up with an outstanding film/TV agency, and, for the first time since I started writing – I actually have an agent who reads my work and critiques it! (Yeah, I know – you’d think this would be the norm, but apparently it’s the exception…) After six years in purgatory, I am looking forward to warp-speeding my career ahead. More to come…

2. My official website now has a slick placeholder page and it should hopefully be operational at some point sooner than later. My web guru Nick is amazing at what he does, so please be sure to swing by and check it out.

3. While the ol’ website is being redone, the place to be for all my latest clips, interviews, breaking news, etc. etc. is over at the Facebook Jon F. Merz Fan Page. 1200+ fans and counting. We could use more members, so please join us!

4. I’ve been putting up some stuff on Amazon for Kindle ebook readers. Two novels and two short stories. Head on over and pick ’em up – they’re all very reasonably priced. You can see what’s available by clicking here! I do hope you’ll grab them.

5. I’ve been reading a metric ton of boys’ adventure stuff lately: Anthony Horowitz’s Alex Rider series (which I happen to dig muchly), James Patterson’s Maximum Ride series (which I think sucks mightily and is insulting to the reader on a grand scale), Joseph Delaney’s The Last Apprentice series (gloomy, but very enjoyable) and re-reading John Flanagan’s Ranger Apprentice series (excellent stuff.) I also checked out Jeff Stone’s The Five Ancestors (waaay too preachy and stupidly violent to bother with the second book…ugh) and I’m about to start Rick Riordan’s The Lightning Thief tonight (heard great things, so I’m hopeful). Why so much boys’ stuff? Because my new agent is excited about my own boys’ adventure series and handed me a reading list so I can see what works and (ugh) what doesn’t. Have I mentioned that I happen to love my new agent? Well, he rocks more casbah than the Clash, baby. And that’s sayin’ sumtin.

6. This summer we’ll be finishing up pre-production on THE FIXER as we prepare to drive a boot up the butt of television by launching full production of season one in September. THE FIXER website will be getting an overhaul. We’ll be finalizing casting details and all the formal stuff over the next few months. Lots to do. Lots to write. Lots of world domination ahead.

To sum up: new agent (awesome); new website coming soon (much sweetness); join me on Facebook (all the cool kids do it!); buy my stuff on Amazon (very awesome); lots of reading (mostly awesome); THE FIXER (most assuredly awesome).

Now, if this freakin’ rain would stop and the temp would feel more like summer, I’d be all set.

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  • Merle June 22, 2009  

    Thanks for the updates Jon. Keep them coming so that we know what is happening with you!

  • Yvonne June 22, 2009  

    Thanks for the update! As far as the “list” goes – wouldn’t have happened to have Jim Kjelgaard on the list? I started reading him in grade school (I won’t say how long ago) and I still re-read his books.

  • jonfmerz June 22, 2009  

    Will do, Merle – thanks!

    Yvonne – actually, no. I haven’t heard of him before. What’s he write? I’ll have to check it out!

  • Macgyver June 23, 2009  

    Buys boy! I’m guessing by the production date that your shooting for mid season or regular season 2010 for The Fixer?

    It’s not in the genre your scoping at the moment, but I’m currently reading Infected by Scott Sigler at the moment. Think you’d dig his stuff so I’d check it out in your down ti…um….at some point. Can send you a copy (it was a give away ebook so its all good)

  • jonfmerz June 24, 2009  

    Hey Dave,

    Yep, that’s it exactly! I’ve heard of Sigler before, I may check it out once I’m done tearing through my stack of current reads. Thanks!


  • James A. Ritchie June 27, 2009  

    Glad you updated. I’ve been a fan for quite a spell, but there for a while I couldn’t find anything recent about you online. Good luck with The Fixer series. You have one viewer here.

    Oh, and I’m very happy to find someone who agrees with me about the Patterson books.

  • jonfmerz June 30, 2009  

    Thanks James! My new website should be operational fairly soon at http://www.jonfmerz.net and it will have a host of ways to stay connected with me.

    I appreciate your support!

    Best wishes,

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