DANGER-CLOSE Available Again!

Originally published in hardcover in 2004, I’m happy to report that DANGER-CLOSE is now available as an ebook for the first time!

For Jake Thunder, a paralyzed ex-US Air Force special operations commando, everyday life is a battle. A hard-boiled, hard-drinking womanizer on one hand, Jake also tries to learn from the wisdom of his Native American past while trying to revive his dead legs through holistic acupuncture treatments. When a knockout blonde strides into his office and demands he figure out who killed her sister, he doesn’t dare refuse – especially after he gets a good view of her legs. But a simple “whodunit” soon becomes a tangled web of deceit, familial backstabbing and black-market baby dealing involving everyone from the Russian Mafia to the Defense Intelligence Agency – all of them gunning for Jake!

“…lickety-split narrative manages to be both gritty and cheeky…[with] an effective surprise twist.” –The Kirkus Review (October 2004)

Available in 2 ebook formats: .pdf or .prc (Kindle) – please specifiy when ordering

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