Nervous Thursday Epilogue

First off and most importantly, I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who chimed in on Twitter & Facebook with their well wishes and prayers and quick smiles. I’m very privileged to have such a large group of awesome friends who care enough to say a little something or even spend a few moments sending positive vibes our way. Seriously, it’s incredibly humbling to read your tweets and comments and come home to hundreds of emails. You are all amazing and my family and I thank you for your warmth and caring!

Everything went great today. Will was in good spirits and I got a good night’s sleep, which made it easier for me to act like a giant goofball and keep him smiling. My wife was amazing as she always is and we got Will down to the hospital in good time, driving in from outside of Boston.

We knew going in that Will had a fantastic surgeon assigned to him. Dr. Mandel is actually the CEO of Children’s Hospital in Boston and having met the man a few times, he’s absolutely fantastic. His confidence, demeanor, and way with kids is astounding. He’s the kind of guy who makes you feel great just being around him. Definitely a plus.

As we waited, we knew the anesthesiologist would be coming around to visit before the surgery as well. We overheard one of them talking to the family next to us and cringed. Every other word out of her mouth was “pain” and “hurt.” All we could think was, “Please don’t come over here.” When our dude showed up, he was awesome. He totally picked up on the “magic journey” vibe we were using with Will and our silly wisecracks, and in no time had Will laughing and smiling. My wife and I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Children’s lets one of the parents come into the OR and wait with their child, so I got suited up in my funky hair net, respirator, and coveralls and went in with Will. (And yes, I’ll post the obligatory pic of us in my typically ridiculous fashion) Once we got him on to the bed proper, they got him squared away and put the mask over with the grape smell that he liked. Thirty seconds later, he was out.

That was the toughest moment for me, having to leave him there and walk out of the OR. I knew he was in the best hands possible, but the idea of leaving him behind…yeah, definitely a toughie.

Outside, we waited and about an hour later, Dr. Mandel came out and gave us the good news that everything went perfectly. Again, his demeanor was incredible. Can’t say enough great things about him and his team.

We went in about twenty minutes later and Will was already awake, eating a cherry popsicle. He was a little out of it, naturally, but seemed well enough to request an orange popsicle after that. By about 11:45 we were in the lobby getting ready to hit the road for home. But not before the obligatory gift shop stop where we grabbed him and his brother some balloons, and a few other gifts.

And that’s it. Nothing too serious, but you’ll forgive me if I don’t go into exact detail about what this procedure was for. It’s not germane to the conversation at hand. And I think it’s enough to say that everything went exactly as it should have, much to the relief of his cool, calm mother and his neurotic father, lol…

Once again, thanks to everyone who chimed in. It means the world to me.

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  • Adriana July 23, 2009  

    Jon, I haven’t been on FB in a little bit and I logged on today and saw that your child was not well. I am sorry to hear that but very happy to hear he had such a fabulous surgeon! Sounds like he’s bouncing right back, and who wouldn’t with a popsicle and parents who love you so much! Hope all is well. Thanks for sharing this part of your life with us.

  • Merle Gornick July 23, 2009  

    Relieved to hear that everything went well with Will and that both mom and dad survived the ordeal. No one in their right minds would fault you for how you felt. Thanks for sharing your story and wishes for a speedy recovery to Will. 😀 Merle

  • Harriett July 24, 2009  

    So glad everything went well. I have been out of touch and just read about your son and his surgery. You’re a great father, I can tell just from what you wrote. Will is lucky to have you!

    Harriett Hurt-Columbia, SC

  • Macgyver July 24, 2009  

    Glad everything went well dude 🙂

  • Chris July 25, 2009  

    Taking your kids to the hospital sucks. My oldest son was in for a procedure, got the pre-anesthesia medication, and seemed like he was a bit stoned. That was good for lightening our nerves 🙂

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