If you missed Chapter One, you can read it here right now! or read the Chapter Two snippet here! Chapter Three The Soviet-made RPG-7 had been around since the early 1960s and because the damned thing was so cheap to manufacture and simultaneously rugged, they showed up pretty much anywhere there was conflict. While I hadn’t heard that the Soviets and Americans were conducting war-by-proxy here in Madagascar, we were certainly close enough to mainland Africa for hundreds of the things to find their way across to the island nation. But that wasn’t my primary concern just then as I watched the blue-gray smoke surround the grenade streaking toward the Range Rover. Wondering how we’d survive if the thing impacted was. Zero jerked the truck again and I had to fight to keep my balance. We weren’t more than a hundred and fifty meters from the bad guys. My brain zipped through the recent statistics I’d read about US Army tests on the RPG-7 and the probability of taking a direct hit. At a hundred and fifty meters, the chances were about 75% that we’d get nailed. Not my kind of odds. Zero tried to swerve again but the round stayed with us. They might have switched from the usual optic and iron sights to passive infra-red, which would mean much worse things for the three of us. We shot closer to the turnoff point that Andrian wanted us to take. But Zero was already shaking his head. We wouldn’t make- -the RPG exploded off the right side of the vehicle and we went airborne... © 2010 by Jon F. Merz All rights re­served Get the rest of Chapter 3 RIGHT NOW - sign up below!
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