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So here’s a crazy little idea I’ve been sitting on for a while. I know of one other author who has done this and he seemed to have a good time with it, so I thought I’d offer it as well. So here’s the poop: I’m offering my readers 25 lifetime subscriptions. For a one-time fee of $500, you will receive 1 (one) copy of each and every mass market paperback, trade paperback, trade hardcover, cover flat, comic book or graphic novel that I publish – under my own name or any pseudonym – beginning with March’s publication of ROGUE ANGEL: Sacred Ground and continuing until the time I die or you die (whichever happens first). Copies will come flat-signed or personalized to you (whichever you prefer). Shipping costs are covered in the one-time fee.

This offer DOES NOT include limited edition hardcovers, lettered editions, foreign editions, DVDs, audio-books or other miscellany. It is applicable only to US trade editions.

There are no international restrictions. Offer is open to anyone.

These lifetime subscriptions are limited to 25 people only, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Payment must be rendered in full for the agreement to apply. In the interest of fairness to all, payment installments cannot be accepted. I have no way of knowing if this will work, but I like the idea and thought it would be good to see if anyone else thinks it is also. Only 25 lifetime subscriptions to my work from now until the time I shuffle off this mortal coil. You can use the Paypal button below to order or if you’d prefer to send a money order, email me at jonfmerz AT verizon DOT net and I’ll pass along mailing instructions.

Update: Here are a partial list of just some of the books that will be coming out over the next year…

THE FIXER: My Soul to Keep (working title) – Graphic Novel
THE KENSEI: Book 5 of the Lawson Vampire Series – Trade Paperback
ROGUE ANGEL: Sacred Ground – Mass Market Paperback
THE FIXER: Book 1 of the Lawson Vampire Series – Trade Paperback
THE INVOKER: Book 2 of the Lawson Vampire Series – Trade Paperback
THE DESTRUCTOR: Book 3 of the Lawson Vampire Series – Trade Paperback
THE SYNDICATE: Book 4 of the Lawson Vampire Series – Trade Paperback
ROGUE ANGEL: Megaladon – Mass Market Paperback
ROGUE ANGEL: Shangri-La – Mass Market Paperback
THE MADAGASCAR MATTER: A Lawson Vampire E-Serial
MISSION: MALTA: A Lawson Vampire Mini-Mission Collection

Beyond that, there are a several other series due out, as well as more story collections and a variety of other cool stuff. Don’t wait – we’re already selling subscriptions and once the 25 are gone, I may not offer this again!

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  • Joe January 25, 2010  

    Jon, that’s all fine and well until I become a financial burden to you in the coming years. Then what, I ask you? What becomes of those who burden ninjas, hmmm? I think we all know the answer to that question, Sir. It is included in the “or until you die” caveat.

    An excellent offer, but personally I’ll keep paying inflated cover prices and living.

  • jonfmerz January 25, 2010  

    LOL, yeah thanks Joe – always looking out for me, ha!

  • mystiquetur January 26, 2010  

    If I only had $500 to spare right now. I LOVE that idea and think it is awesome. I am jealous of whomever the 25 people are. Maybe I will become a ninja and go into stealth mode killing them and taking their identies to get the goods HAHAHA ok for those of you who I just scared I really was joking 😉 Ninjas are supposed to only use their skills for protection.. Assassians on the other hand..

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