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Official announcements will go out next week, but in the meantime (since I’m chomping at the bit to release this news)…

I have signed a great deal with St. Martin’s Press to release THE KENSEI (book 5 of the Lawson Vampire series) in the Spring of 2011 (exact date to be forthcoming). The deal was spearheaded by my amazing agent Joe Monti at Barry Goldblatt Literary with editor extraordinaire Daniela Rapp. Plans are underway for a LOT of great stuff for the series as a whole and I’m off to New York City next week for lunch and meetings with my agent and new editor. Right now, THE KENSEI is slated for a trade paperback release, although this may change if there’s enough buzz and interest in the series (so tell everyone you know to clamor for more!)

Needless to say, this is probably the most excited I have been in years. I have a team (at last) that believes in Lawson as much as I do and it’s extremely gratifying to moving ahead after so many years slogging away.

This is the start of a whole host of awesomeness coming in 2010. So strap in, double-check your gear, and get ready for one helluva trip!

By the way, don’t forget to sign up for the on-going Lawson Vampire e-serial THE MADAGASCAR MATTER by clicking the order form below:

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Also, you can now pre-order the Lawson Vampire graphic novel coming in October 2010, so grab that as well!

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  • Dave Maciver January 28, 2010  

    Nice one dude, well done 🙂

  • mystiquetur January 28, 2010  

    Congrats Jon that is awesome I am so happy for you and of course I will spread the word!

  • jonfmerz January 28, 2010  

    Thanks Dave!

    Thanks Charity! Much appreciated! 🙂

  • Todd Norcross January 28, 2010  

    Excellent news Jon! Congratulations and best of luck!

  • marlborough_dad January 28, 2010  

    Congrats on the new deal with St. Martin!
    Looking forward to book #5!

  • jonfmerz January 28, 2010  

    Thanks Todd!

    Marlborough Dad – you and me both! 🙂 Thanks!

  • Merle January 29, 2010  

    This is just such fantastic news, Jon! I am so happy for you!

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