A Storm Rose In The East…

I’m very pleased to announce the first chapbook in what I hope is a fun series – NINJA (yeah, not exactly a big surprise given the martial art I study, lol) from UK publisher Ghostwriter Publications. This is going to be a crazy fun series, mixing authentic ninjutsu with swords & sorcery like you’d find in the works of Robert E. Howard (if you like his Conan The Barbarian and Solomon Kane adventures, you’ll love this) with an Eastern flair.

Ran, the hero, is a recent graduate of the Komugakure-ryu Ninjutsu training school hidden deep in the fog-enshrouded mountains of a land to the Far East. As a newly-minted genin field operative, he must travel the wilds of the world and test his skills against the harsh realities of life. Encountering a wide variety of races, cultures, and bizarre creatures, Ran will pursue perfection of his mind, body, and spirit while battling evil in every form.

This chapbook series will hopefully lead to larger works, so early interest is obviously very important. News on the publication date will be released soon. Retail price is 1.99 GBP or about $3.07 US – you can’t beat the price for a high-quality chapbook filled with a extraordinary amount of fun. I hope you’ll come along and keep Ran company on his many wild journeys!

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  • Ken Savage February 24, 2010  

    Hey Jon

    Its about time.


    Be well and Gassho,


  • Dave Maciver February 24, 2010  

    Good stuf, I’ll be buying one!

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