Tomorrow’s Website Launch

So tomorrow is the official launch of the new website. I’ve invited a few friends in the various fields I dabble in to stop by, throw some freebies your way, and maybe even chat with you all. Things kick off at about 10am EST tomorrow. They’ll continue for the remainder of the day (minus about a 2-hour window around midday when I have to take my sons to their dentist appointments).

What’s up for grabs tomorrow?

  • Signed copies of my Rogue Angel novels
  • Signed cover flats from my early Lawson Vampire books
  • Free T-shirts
  • Author Joseph Nassise is donating free ebooks of his bestselling Templar series
  • Author David Niall Wilson is offering special discounts at his Macabre Ink online ebook store
  • Author Scott Nicholson is donating free PDFs of his graphic novel “DIRT”
  • Author Mike Oliveri is donating a signed copy of his graphic novel THE PACK: Winter Kill
  • Mark Davis of the Boston Martial Arts Center Week is donating a week’s worth of Ninjutsu classes
  • Rich Borgatti of Mountain Strength Fitness is donating a free private one-on-one fitness class (if you’re local) or free T-shirt if not local
  • Ken Savage of the Winchendon Martial Arts Center is offering four private lessons in staff fighting (bojutsu) or swordfighting (kenjutsu) with a training weapon and booklet included
  • Dennis Mahoney of Shinobi Martial Arts is contributing a 3-month training package with uniform and introductory private lesson
  • Stan Tremblay and Variance Publishing are donating 3 exclusive book packages of various titles

I’m still lining up more cool stuff for tomorrow. I hope you’ll spread the word about the event – the more people we introduce to my world of writing, TV/film, and Ninjutsu the better!

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