Chapter Eleven

“You’re lying.”

Hjelm smirked. “And why would I do that?”

“Throw me off the fact that you’re planning something that will adversely affect our entire race.”

Hjelm sighed. “Is that what you really think? That I’m deliberately trying to mislead you?”

“I’d do the same if I was face with a sanction.”

Hjelm nodded. “I’ll grant you that, but in this case, it’s simply not true. The fact is, I was assigned to kill Hitler with the full blessing of the Council.”

“But that doesn’t make any sense. We don’t kill humans unless it’s unavoidable.”

“Or unless it is deemed appropriate action in the best interests of preserving our race.”

I wondered if Andrian was getting bored. I’d been inside for a while. And he hadn’t deigned to show his face as yet. “Was there a direct threat?”

“Did there have to be?” Hjelm yawned once and then interlocked his fingers behind his head. “We saw the way the trend was going in Germany after the first World War. The country was ruined. Emotionally it was a fragile state. Ad when Hitler started making inroads, he came to our attention fairly quickly.”

“So how come he wasn’t taken out immediately?”

“He kept himself very well insulated. It was tough getting accurate intelligence out of his closest circle.”

“So they sent you.”

“Indeed. My mission was to infiltrate his inner cordon. Get close to the man and find out what he had planned. See if things were as bad as the indicators had led us to believe they were.”

“And if they were…”

“Take him out before he had a chance to put any of his plans into action.”

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