New Stuff Coming Your Way…

I’ll be uploading a few new things to the Amazon Kindle store over the next week or so.

First off, NINJA – the novella written in the vein as Robert E. Howard’s Conan, will be up (I hope) today. I’ll update this post as soon as it goes live. This is the first in what I hope is a new series – authentic ninjutsu mixed with sword & sorcery – what’s not to love?

DANGER-CLOSE – my first Jake Thunder mystery/thriller starring the former USAF specops commando turned paraplegic private eye will also be up shortly.

SHADOW CHASER – this is the novel I wrote right before THE FIXER, years back, and after reading through it, I still think it’s a fun read. An espionage thriller filled with all sorts of intriguing characters, it’s a good time.

I’ll also be uploading a bunch of short stories and two new non-fiction ebooks. But I’m keeping mum on those for right now. More updates as they become available. I hope you enjoy them all!

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