Booklist Reviews THE KENSEI

Industry trade BOOKLIST weighs in on THE KENSEI with this nice review:

After several years, Merz offers a new novel (following Syndicate, 2003) starring vampire secret agent Lawson. This time, Lawson is in Japan on vacation. But trouble arrives almost immediately—on the train from the airport—when an assassin tries to take down a young Japanese man and his girlfriend. Lawson’s interference is more than just annoying, as the assassin he kills was a member of the local yakuza, the Kensei, and now the mob wants vengeance. When Lawson’s former KGB agent girlfriend arrives with troubles of her own, his vacation is no longer the least bit relaxing. All this sounds like the set-up for a typical action adventure or espionage novel, but, of course, Lawson is a vampire who works for the vampire governing council, specializing in keeping vampires secret and fixing their problems. Other than being crazy strong and very quick to heal (excellent attributes for a secret agent), Lawson is more like Jason Bourne than Dracula, making this a vampire mystery with broad appeal.

Also, St. Martin’s will be releasing an exclusive never-before-seen Lawson Vampire e-story called DEAD DROP in advance of THE KENSEI’s release. Cover art will be coming soon.

And finally, take a moment to head over here to St. Martin’s official page for the book. Your click helps show the publisher that a lot of folks are interested in the series! Thanks!

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