A Unique Gift Idea

So here’s a little experiment I thought I’d try this year. If you’ve got someone hard to shop for on your list, how about giving them the gift of immortality?

Well, it’s immortality as in being featured in the pages of a customized Lawson Vampire short story. Here’s the scoop: I’ll write a custom Lawson Vampire short story featuring the person of your choice (presumably the receiver of the gift) and we’ll correspond so I get their particulars, description, including whether you’d like them to be a good guy or a bad guy and if you have any thoughts on anything else you’d like to see in the story. The story will be about 2,000 words long and I will print it out, bind it with a nice cover, sign and personalize it, and make sure you have it in your hands to give them in time for the holidays.

Obviously, this is a limited offer, since I can only agree to take on a few of these. But I thought it would be fun to see if there’s any interest and also provide you with a unique way to give a fun gift this season.

Just $99 bucks for this fun gift idea. If you’re interested, click the Buy Button below to use Paypal or simply email me at jonfmerz AT verizon DOT net if you’d prefer to pay another way. The sooner, the better since time is ticking away!

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