Build a Bestseller!

We’re coming down to the street date for THE KENSEI and I’m busy ramping up things to make this my most spectacular book launch ever. Seriously, I need to hit this one out of the park, in a big way. THE KENSEI is a very special book to me and I want it to do the best of anything I’ve ever written. To that end, I’m asking you to get involved. if you’ve read my work and enjoyed it, please consider helping spread the word about the book, cajoling friends and family to buy copies, and so on.

Every so often, I’ll be making a post about promotional stuff you can take on to help the effort and BUILD A BESTSELLER.

The first initiative is a flyer campaign. At the left, you’ll see the image of a flyer I’ve drawn up. Nothing special, but it hits some key points. Just click on the picture and you’ll download a .pdf copy of the flyer. Feel free to make as many copies as you want and leave them in mailboxes around your neighborhood, in cubicles at work, on bulletin boards around town, wherever. The goal is to just get the word out about what a great, fun read THE KENSEI is. The more flyers we all get plastered around the country and beyond, the more copies we’ll sell. I’m breaking out a whole arsenal of tactics and this is step one.

I hope you have fun with this – even putting ten flyers around is a great help to me and doesn’t take that much time. Let me know how you make out. And my thanks for helping me BUILD A BESTSELLER!

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