Official Launch Day for THE KENSEI – 10 Ways to Build a Bestseller!

Welcome all, to the Official launch Day for THE KENSEI. This is the street date for the novel, meaning that it is now pretty much everywhere in the various distribution systems. You should be able to find it anywhere….

So first and foremost: please go buy a copy. If you need to find out if a Barnes & Noble near you has it on their shelves, use this link: Buying a copy is the single best way to support the book and help make sure we have more Lawson books in the future. And the paperback is better than the ebook, but if you’re only into ebooks, then by all means feel free.

Also, there are a number of ways you can help spread the word about THE KENSEI and I hope you participate in them. It makes today more of a party event and that -in my book – is always a good thing!

1. Change your profile picture to THE KENSEI cover art. (grab it out at Facebook Fan Page)
2. If you have a blog, write a blog post about THE KENSEI.
3. Take a picture of yourself holding a copy of THE KENSEI – preferably in a public space where others can see you. (Outside of the bookstore you bought it at is great!)
4. If you tweet, please tweet about today’s launch and use the hashtag #thekensei after your tweet
5. Make a point to tell four friends today – preferably in person about the book and ask them to buy a copy. if you can’t do it in person, then send out an email to some of your friends and let them know.
6. If you’re buying it online, please buy it at – and the print version of the book is better than ebooks. Remember: we’re trying to sell out the first print run.
7. Try to get others involved – have them talk to their friends about buying a copy. Word-of-mouth rules and can really make a book take off, so talk it up!
8. Post out any book forums, and sites (Goodreads, Shelfari, Library Thing, etc.) and talk to people about the book.
9. Swing by the Facebook Fan Page and post away, try to create a party atmosphere and get people excited!
10. When you’re done reading the book, please post reviews on Amazon and any other sites. Reviews help spur new sales!

I truly hope you all enjoy THE KENSEI. It’s a special book to me for a number of reasons and I’m looking forward to hearing what you all think of it.

Thank you so much for your support!

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