Read an E-Book Week

Sunday marked the start of Read an E-Book Week, a new initiative to introduce more readers to ebooks and their lasting place within the world of content. Obviously, given my success with ebooks last month, I’m very interested in introducing more readers to my work, so a week long push to drive more people to ebooks sounds like a great idea to me. If you’ve got a Kindle, you can check out a complete list of my work by clicking here. And if you’ve got a Nook or other e-reader that handles the epub format, please click here to see what’s available.

Sunday, I also passed something of a milestone. On the 6th day of March, I sold my 1000th ebook of the month. That’s pretty damned cool. My ebook experiences are definitely opening up a whole new world of possibilities and I’m thrilled to meet so many new fans. if you’ve read one or all of my ebook offerings, I hope you’ll recommend them to several friends so my audience continues to grow through

Later this week, the next issue of Boston Nocturne goes out, so make sure you’re subscribed to it since the next installment of the free Lawson adventure MISSION: MALTA will be in the newsletter. Also, later this week or early next, my debut column over at Inveterate Media Junkies goes live. I’ll post details on that when I have them. It will make for interesting reading, though…

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