Tax Time Escape

So, it’s tax time yet again for Americans and this season usually produces a lot of stress and anxiety.

I’m happy to report that I and a select group of caring, compassionate authors are here to help with our very own Tax Time Escape program.

What exactly is the Tax Time Escape program? It’s very simple: we’ve slashed the prices on some of our novels to the cheapest possible price allowed on Amazon and Barnes & Noble – 99 CENTS each.

That’s right, great reads from an amazing group of writers – and each for the paltry sum of just 99 pennies.

Whose involved in this Tax Time Escape? Feast your eyes on the writers listed below…

Obviously, I am. And I’ve chosen my supernatural thriller Vicarious to be included in this program. Here’s the brief description of this chilling little tale set in Boston. “When disgraced ex-FBI agent-turned-Boston-cop Steve Curran finds a corpse with no practical explanation for its death, the nightmares start again. Convinced the serial killer that caused his expulsion from the Bureau is once again haunting him, Curran soon learns his theories are all wrong. When the sister of the latest victim, Lauren Fields, uncovers an old journal detailing the hunt for a creature known only as the Soul Eater, she and Curran must confront the very real prospect that the killer is not of this world at all – and that his motives have little to do with killing, but all to do with something far, far worse.”

You can get VICARIOUS for the Kindle by clicking on the cover or HERE and you can also get it for the Nook by clicking HERE.

Willie Meikle is a fantastic writer of various genres and his latest is every bit a nail-biter. From Willie, here’s the description: “Patty is a cataloguer of rare manuscripts, working on part of a newly discovered journal of a 14th Century alchemist. Just another dull day on the job. But after mentioning it in her blog she gets to the office to find everyone brutally murdered. Now she’s on the run with the incomplete journal, trying to find the rest, pursued by a killer who wants the secret of eternal life it contains. ”

Grab THE CONCORDANCES OF THE RED SERPENT for the Kindle by clicking the cover shot above or clicking HERE and you can get it for the Nook by clicking HERE.

Steve Savile is one of those writers who comes up with ideas you wish you’d thought of, plus he just so happens to be a damned good friend of mine. His offering is OUTCAST and from Steve, here’s the description: “Outcast is a document humane charting the descent of an ordinary man into a murky underworld of very human monsters, grief and madness as he wrestles to come to terms with who he is and just what he is capable of in the name of love. Ask yourself this: how do you fight a monster no one else can see?”

Check out OUTCAST for the Kindle by clicking the cover shot above or clicking HERE. It’s unfortunately not available on the Nook just yet.

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