Upcoming Releases

Time to check out what I’ve got coming up for release very soon…

1. THE SHEPHERD: A Lawson Vampire Mission – Lawson in Pakistan & Afghanistan? Yup. Look for this to be released next week on the Kindle & Nook.
2. OATHBREAKER: A Lawson Vampire Short Story – Lawson in the hospital? Yup. Based on my recent stay in the hospital, this one will be out in a few weeks on the Kindle & Nook.

Less firm in terms of release dates are the following Lawson adventures:

3. THE RIPPER: A Lawson Vampire Novel – Probably October
4. CANARY TRAP – A Lawson Vampire Mission – December

What else am I working on? How about a throwback to the old men’s adventure series novels like The Executioner, The Destroyer, and the like? Yup. It’s a brand new series from me and it’s going to be horrifically violent and filled with non-stop action, fighting, gun battles and more. The first adventure in the series is called BLACK WIDOW RISING, but that’s all I’m saying right now. Look for a release around mid-summer.

I’m also working on a series of satirical essays, channeling some of my sarcasm into print. God help us all. The first essay should hit in a month, maybe less. Prepare yourselves. No one shall be spared, lol…

Joe Nassise and I are also finishing up the first novel in our supernatural/SF/action series HELLstalkers. I’m hoping we have book 1 out by the end of the summer.

And finally, I’ve got a few traditional print projects firming up. One of them has an offer (even though I can’t talk it up yet) that we’re trying to “expand,” so to speak. I’m excited about it and the editor I’d be working with. But no can say no more right now so no ask me, m’kay? Thanks.

That’s about it. Remember to spread the word about my writing if you like what I’m doing. Your words to a friend’s ear sells more ebooks and keeps me looking stylin’ in my corduroy leisure suits. And really, what better purpose is there in life?

And if you’re missing out on any of my ebook goodness, you can fill up your Kindle and Nook with everything I have just by clickety-clicking the links below:

Jon F. Merz on the Kindle | Jon F. Merz on the Nook

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