What Is #wintel?

So this morning, I started a little something new out on Twitter. I read a lot of material relating (sometimes directly and often indirectly) to the world of writing and publishing. After all, I consider this a business and as such, I need to constantly monitor information that may help me grow my business or otherwise avoid certain pitfalls.

Some of this material is pretty good stuff. And so, this morning, I started tweeting about some of it, using the hashtag #wintel after my tweets. What is #wintel? It’s “writer’s intelligence,” in other words, intelligence/information that I think writers should know about.

We started today with three articles (although I may post a few more) and it’s my hope that you all find these things interesting, especially if you’re in the biz. Here’s what we looked at:

1. Donna K. Fitch highlights three books she found useful for e-publishing (full disclosure: my book, “How To REALLY Sell EBooks” is one of them”)

2. India experiences a new wave of scam literary agents, which is especially important given that Amazon will be opening a storefront there later this year.

3. A lawsuit alleges that the Big 6 publishing houses have vastly under-reported ebook sales figures to their authors. The same law firm handling this case is also alleging Apple is engaging in price fixing.

Each day I will try to contribute some good stuff I think writers should know. If you like the articles, please retweet or repost them with the hashtag #wintel at the end. It’s writer’s intelligence, but it’s also a “win.” 🙂

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