Be Amazing Today

I know. I know.

It’s Monday.

I woke up at 5:37am to go to the bathroom and then stumbled back into bed for another 90 minutes that seemed to fly by in exactly 30 seconds. I had a great weekend and would like nothing better than to sleep away today, rest, and get serious tomorrow. I’m willing to bet a lot of you feel something pretty similar to how I’m feeling right now.

So consider this a joint motivational speech – I’m trying to get cranked up as much as I’m trying to crank you up.

And to do that, I’ll just ask a simple question: how will you be amazing today?

It’s a fairly innocuous question. Nothing much to it, frankly. But I’ve found in the past that asking that question has a cool effect on me. I may not have an answer when I first ask the question in the morning, but throughout the day I find myself doing more than I thought I would at the start of the day. And when I finally crawl into bed at night and pull the covers up, asking the question: “how was I amazing today?” invariably produces several answers and leads to being very satisfied with how the day progressed. Maybe I cranked out more words than I thought I would. Maybe I got caught up on email. Maybe I got going on that other project that had languished.

I don’t purport to be some incredible life coach with all the answers – I can’t tell you how to rewire your neurology or expunge a traumatic past or any number of other things that society seems intent on insisting we all suffer from. But I can show you some of the things that I use to drive my own life forward and be successful at what I do. When I was in Basic Training, motivation was easy: drill instructors would shout and scream until you got it done and got it done right. In the real world, motivation has to come from within you – you have to be a self-starter and a self-finisher. As you reach goals, set new ones. Quest ever on and never get complacent. You’re the only one who will care, no matter how many “life coaches” or “mentors” or “restorative life energy therapists” you hire.

At the start of the day, it’s just you.

At the end of the day, it’s just you.

We all have triggers that can be used to propel us further ahead on the fuel of never-ending potential. It’s just a matter of finding them. Sometimes those triggers are profound and earth-shaking things, like a near-death experience, skydiving, and reconnecting with an old love.

Sometimes, they’re far simpler.

Sometimes, they’re six-word questions.

“How will you be amazing today?”

You may not know the answer now. But you will soon enough.

Have a fantastic week everyone.

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