A Debt of Gratitude

On January 8th, I had my first "official" CrossFit class at the awesome Rebook CrossFit Medfield facility here in town. It was a number of years ago when I first heard about CrossFit from my good friend Richard Borgatti, Jr. We were at the dojo - the Boston Martial Arts Center - and Rich was telling me all about this new fitness regimen he was on. I was intrigued, especially with the idea that the workouts were maximum intensity and effort, but never the same thing twice. They were designed to be functional for the real world. At the time, the idea was a novelty to me - the only time I'd ever worked out in a gym had been back in the Air Force. For years, I've always worked out on my own. Rich then went off and really embraced the whole CrossFit movement. He got certified and then opened up his own "box" - Mountain Strength CrossFit. His wife Ari recently got certified and coaches there as well. I was honored to be at the grand opening ceremonies for Rich & Ari's place and seeing their success has been inspirational to me many, many times. I owe Rich an incredible and heartfelt thank you. I've been "playing" with CrossFit for some time, but only on my own at home. But I never had the chance to get to a real box for one reason or another. Needless to say, when Rich let me know that a box would be opening in my town, I was thrilled. And according to the guys who run the box, I was the first person to sign up, which is kinda cool. Throughout the years on my own, Rich has been a tireless source of information and new ideas. He was always ready with answers to my questions (and still is, fortunately). Last October, we got a chance to hang out together and it was obvious to me what an amazing breadth of knowledge he has about CrossFit and fitness in general. Over the space of perhaps thirty minutes, we talked about a bunch of things and I came away from that talk knowing I wanted to really get into CrossFit as well. It's been three weeks since I started and it has been phenomenal. As I write this, I ache everywhere (it's a good ache, though, lol). The workouts I've experienced have been thoroughly exhausting and demand every ounce of determination to get through. They are usually short, intense, and always - always - challenging. I've also discovered there is NO substitute for actually joining a box. What I did at home was fine - but it lacked the coaching, motivation, learning, and camaraderie that you get from an actual box experience. My wife has also joined and we work out together now most days. I've met some fantastic new people - great coaches and fellow CrossFitters alike. And I owe it all to Rich. I can't thank him enough for introducing me to CrossFit; I can't thank him enough for being there when I had questions; and I can't thank him enough for being a friend and mentor throughout all of this. But, of course, I will try! So, thank you Rich - I am thrilled to be training at an actual box and I'm thrilled to have learned so much from you about this stuff. You've been inspirational, motivational, and a true teacher. I consider myself extremely blessed to know you and Ari both, and wish you all (Mr. Lucas included obviously!) the very best of success in everything you do. I have no doubt that Mountain Strength CrossFit - and indeed, whatever the future holds for you - will continue to be a source of success, pride, and happiness for now and many years in the future.

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