The Bakeneko: A Lawson Vampire Short Story by Jon F. Merz – Part One

The Bakeneko: A Lawson Vampire Short Story
By Jon F. Merz

Part One

Autumn was one of the few seasons I hadn’t seen in Japan.  I’d been in the country at almost every other time of year.  But this was the first time I’d experienced it in October.  Climate-wise, Japan is pretty much like the swath of the US from Maine to Georgia.  So, being from the northeast, I was prepared for anything.

Except, perhaps, for how much it resembled New England on a crisp, Fall day.  Even the foliage rivaled the leaf canopy you’d find in the mountains of New Hampshire.  The tree species might have been slightly different, but they were close enough.  And it was with a smile on my face that I drove ever slower into the mountains an hour outside of Kyoto on this particular trip.

Niles, in his inimitable way, had dispatched me over dinner to investigate a certain peculiarity.  In this case, he did it with a text message giving me details and a flight number.  At first, I thought it was a birthday gift.  Then again, how many covert operatives get their assignments via text these days?  Probably not many, but that didn’t stop Niles from pushing the envelope.

I called him anyway, just to make sure someone hadn’t hijacked his phone. 

“It’s real and I’m busy, so get to it and good-bye.  I’ll forward an encrypted file when I can make room to breathe.”

So that was me off to Japan then.

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