Catching Up…

Been so freakin’ busy lately, I haven’t had much time to update the blog here (which seems to be the trend – I’m away for a while and then rush to fill you all in on the happenings)…so here we go:

1. THE FIXER’s first teaser is showing up in a bunch of places on the ‘Net, which is very cool. The crew is hard at work doing post-production on teaser two, which will be very different from teaser one. How different? How about more cast, dialog, a few scenes, length – that sort of stuff. It’s a lot more to sink your teeth into (forgive the pun or don’t, lol) and get a handle on where we want the show to go. Just remember, this ain’t your standard woe-is-me-I’m-immortal-and-confused vampire crap that populates pretty much everything today. THE FIXER is hardboiled, violent, and sexy. Just the way I like it, dammit.

2. Word from the folks at Blackbetty GmbH in Vienna is that HELLstalkers, which I’m writing with my bud Joe Nassise, should be rolling out soon for both cell phone users on the Vodafone and Verizon networks. There have been some technical issues as they iron out everything but things should start rocking soon enough. There’s been some interest in doing a print deal for the series as well. Plus, a number of other countries seem to be interested in digital rights. With the holidays closing in, I don’t know if we’ll actually get a deal before early January, but you never know.

3. I’m still working on the remaining pages for my website – which includes fully integrating this blog with it. As you might have noticed, it’s actually hosted at the site, but isn’t quite customized to my liking. We’ll be taking care of that thanks to my web guru, Nick (who just launched his own site at so if you’ve got some work, he’s the man!). In 2010, we’ll start getting some videos up for the Ninjutsu sections that focus on self-protection. I’ll probably get my 5th degree black belt test up there at some point, although you can already see that over on Youtube if you’re interested in checking it out.

4. 2010 is going to be insanely busy. We’re slotted to film the pilot in January + thirteen additional episodes – and then get to the business of selling that bad boy, I’ve got to finish the first manuscript for the boy’s adventure series I’m working on, got another Lawson novel to get cranking on, HELLstalkers, and a bunch of other commitments I can’t really disclose right now. I’m supposed to head over to Japan for more training in the Spring, which would be awesome. So yeah, a lot on the plate. And I love it…

5. Still drumming up more fans for THE FIXER fan page over on Facebook so come on over and become a fan!

I’ll have another post before the holidays, so stay tuned. Hope you’re all doing well!

PARALLAX: Contest Extended

After much consideration and comments (both public and private) I’ve decided to extend the Parallax contest until we sell 1,000 copies of the book. This will guarantee that someone will win a trip to the set of THE FIXER television series-so we need to sell MORE books!

Thanks to all of you who contacted me-the response was overwhelming and deeply gratifying, especially considering the rave reviews you’ve all given the book. As an author, you all mean the world to me and your feedback has been priceless. Thank you so much.

So, to reiterate the contest details: We’ve already reached the 100-copy level so someone will shortly be getting a copy of Rogue Angel:Sacrifice. And since I’ve lowered the grand prize TV set trip to the 1,000-copy level, I’ll lower the lifetime copy of Jon’s books prize to just 500 copies.

  • 100 copies: Free copy of Rogue Angel: Sacrifice written by me
  • 500 copies: Copies of every book I’ve ever written and will ever write
  • 1,000 copies: A trip to the set of THE FIXER TV series (all expenses paid from anywhere on Earth)

Okay, so get your copy of the book and then tell your friends to do the same. I want this thing to be big and get even bigger than it has been up to this point. I need your help & support to make it happen. So let’s get rockin’!

Order a copy of PARALLAX in the following formats: .pdf, .rtf, .epub, .mobi, and as zipped HTML files. You order that direct from me by clicking the button here (please specify the format you want):

You can also get it for your Kindle right out on Amazon. Click Here to Buy PARALLAX at

Writing Updates

It’s been a while since I posted news about what I’m working on, so here’s a brief recap:

1. I have one more Rogue Angel novel to complete and then I think that will be that. I will have written eight novels for the series and frankly, I’m a bit burned out on the character. They were fun and quick projects for me and the folks at Gold Eagle/Harlequin are awesome. They’ve been my favorite publisher to work with thus far and are lightning fast on contracts, payments, and feedback – all of which are awesome for a writer. I hope to do some other stuff with them, so we’ll see…

2. I’ve partnered with a great friend of mine to flesh out a new project that I will cryptically call “HOTW” for now. It will feature a strong female lead in a great setting that should appeal to a huge demographic. We’re pumped about it. It also doesn’t hurt that my friend works with Ridley Scott, which si complete awesomeness in and of itself. More news as it becomes available.

3. This same friend actually brought me on to help write another project with him and this one is about ready to boil. It’s already a comic series (and no, don’t ask because I don’t want to spoil the fun) with a sizeable following and is being actively pursued by several companies as an episodic cartoon series. I’ll be handling the novels and also working on the cartoon itself. It’s great stuff.

4. I’m actively working on SECOND CHANCE (working title) and enjoying getting back into it. I’ve been toying with this book for several years and it’s well past due that I finish the thing and get it out into circulation. It’s a standalone as far as I can tell (although you never know what the future holds) and mixes my usual genre frappe of fun and craziness. I’ll excerpt a few more chapters as December progresses. You can find the prologue a few posts back.

5. We’re slated to start shooting THE FIXER TV series in February. January will be devoted to much planning and finalizing of all sorts of things relating to getting fully up to speed. Needless to say, this has taken us longer than we expected, but it’s going to be a truly awesome project. We should have some more footage to release shortly, so stay tuned to the official website at and don’t forget to join the Forums over there as well!

That’s it for now. I’ve got some other stuff to talk about, but will hold off doing so for the time being.