It’s fun to have a single page of everything I’ve written and this is far from all of it. Click the links below the covers to add to your collection! More coming soon. You can find out about all of the series by visiting their respective pages on this site.

The Lawson Vampire Series


The Lawson Vampire Origins Series


The Wolfric Vampire Series


The Ninja Apprentice Series


The Blood Armageddon Series


The Death Master Series


The Shadow Warrior Series


Zombie Ryu Series


Frank Steel Jobs


Standalone Novels


Short Story Collection


Uncle Geoffrey & Kilgore Tales


HELLStalkers Series (co-authored with Joseph Nassise)


The Veil Knights Series (writing as Rowan Casey with ten other writers)


The Rogue Angel Series (writing as Alex Archer; these are the books I wrote)

Warrior Spirit


Soul Stealer


Sacred Ground



Phantom Prospect


False Horizon


Fury’s Goddess


The Oracle’s Message




The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Ultimate Fighting


Learning Later, Living Greater



For Younger Readers