Prior to January 2013…

…I’d been “playing” around with CrossFit thanks to my good friend and fellow Ninjutsu practitioner, Rich Borgatti, Jr. who runs Mountain Strength Fitness in Winchester, MA. In December 2012, Rich emailed me to say that a box was opening in my town. I took my first class on January 8, 2013 and after three years, I decided to get my own equipment and continue working out on my own.

What I love about CrossFit is the way it simultaneously humbles and empowers you. Looking at the WOD (workout of the day) can make you apprehensive. “How am I going to do THAT?” But then you get in there, get it done, and at the end, you realize that you’ve just done something truly challenging, “embraced the suck” as it were, and emerged on the other side a better, stronger person. It is awesome.

January 2018 marked my 5-year anniversary since starting CrossFit. These are my 1RMs for the following lifts, which I’m always working to get higher:

Deadlift: 440#
Bench Press: 225#
Back Squat: 325#
Push Press: 215#
Clean: 235#
Strict Press: 155#
Front Squat: 285#
Snatch: 145#