Giveaway #3: Let’s Get Physical

At the risk of stirring up bad memories of an old Olivia Newton-John song…

Here’s the next giveaway! My good friend Rich Borgatti at Mountain Strength Fitness is offering a free one-on-one lesson/workout on anything from general fitness to elite kettlebell coaching. Rich is a fantastic teacher and really knows his stuff. Obviously, this giveaway is a bit localized to the New England area, so Rich has also kindly donated a Mountain Strength T-shirt in case the winner happens to not be local.

Additionally, author David Niall Wilson is offering a 50% discount to his online ebook store Macabre Ink. The discount is good for 50% off of one purchase. So this giveaway combines a great workout for your body and a chance to get some great reading for your mind!

All you’ve got to do to enter is this:

  • If you haven’t already done so, please suggest your Facebook friends become fans of mine on Facebook
  • If you know of or read any blogs that regularly interview authors, please contact them and suggest they interview me. Podcasts are cool, too!
  • Leave me a comment below letting me know what you did!

That’s it! 🙂

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  • dave wahlman March 31, 2010  

    i suggested your fan page to a bunch of my friends and i’m working on somebody who could interview you for something.

  • dave wahlman March 31, 2010  

    i forgot to mention his name is jeremy lynch and is entertainment editor of crimepree magazine and is a huge fan of MMA.

  • cftodd March 31, 2010  

    I am always sharing your blog and all your awesome stuff! Today I shared your FB Fan Page <3

  • admin March 31, 2010  

    Thanks Dave & Charity!

  • Rob Slocum March 31, 2010  

    Great work with the all of this Jon, see you soon

  • Russ Chafe March 31, 2010  

    aaawww I love T shirts that all I wear in the nice weather thanxs Jon i wish u all the very best

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