Here's the cover art for THE FIXER FILES, the special ebook compilation of all of Lawson's adventures to date: THE FIXER THE INVOKER THE DESTRUCTOR THE SYNDICATE THE COURIER (novella) THE KENSEI RED TIDE (short story) THE PRICE OF A GOOD DRINK (short story) All for just $9.99. THE EBOOK IS NOW SHIPPING - YOU WILL GET AN EMAIL WITH THE EBOOK AS AN ATTACHMENT ONCE YOUR ORDER IS PROCESSED! Only two formats will be made available: .pdf and .prc (which works with Amazon Kindle) - be sure to specify when you place your order.

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  • Beth Burrpw July 7, 2009  

    AWESOME!! Can’t wait to get mine!!!

  • Beth Burrow July 7, 2009  

    Funny I missed spelled my own last name!! LOL

  • Macgyver July 8, 2009  

    Very nice dude! As long as you don’t use that kind of art for published book covers, as the UK Dresden’s had a file type cover (understandably, what with it being The Dresden Files). That said, when I read them I did think of Lawson instantly…

  • MerleChloe July 11, 2009  

    Nice work! Just waiting for mine to fly on over to me! 😀

  • Kat September 1, 2009  

    I think it looks great–I don’t see the resemblance to the Dresden series at all, but that’s just me…. great work, either way!

  • charity aka @mystiquetur September 3, 2009  

    awesome! as soon as I am back to work & have some $ I will be getting mine!

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