It's always a good idea to remind readers that they can order or get a lot of my stuff still at various venues (my website is actually being moved to a new platform & once it's done this will all be streamlined much better than this, but for now...) Let's start with the Lawson Vampire stuff: THE FIXER graphic novel debuts in October, but it's very VERY important to get pre-orders in now. Use the button below to order it: Cost for this gorgeous trade paperback is $15.95 + $4.00 shipping anywhere in the world. Estimated publication date is October 2010.

THE MADAGASCAR MATTER is an on-going e-serial spanning all of 2010 (although this week we went on hiatus because I'm haulin' butt to finish the first draft of a new novel) $7.95 for the entire year, delivered each week to your email. Order below:
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Amazon Stuff PARALLAX - my first psychic thriller which has consistently garnered amazing reviews. Click here to buy it for the Kindle! VICARIOUS - supernatural thriller that people love. Click here to buy it for the Kindle! Prisoner 392 - my short story originally featured in FROM THE BORDERLANDS. You'll love it. CLick here to buy it for the Kindle The Brank of Khosadam - another old-timey short guaranteed to thrill. Click here to buy it for the Kindle You can also order any of the above as an ebook if you don't have a Kindle. Drop me a line by emailing jonfmerz AT verizon DOT net and I'll be happy to tell you how to order. So, go on and have some fun this weekend - grab some of my stuff! 🙂

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