Giveaway #1

Welcome to the newly-redesigned website! I hope you’ll take a look around, pick up some of my work you may not have read yet and have fun! Under the “Contact” part of the menu, you’ll find the chat room, which will be open all day long. Tonight, we’ll be having Brandon Stumpf, who stars in THE FIXER as Lawson, swing by to answer questions about the series and the role, so please be sure to catch that!

In the meantime, let’s get the first giveaway going! From my good friends at Variance Publishing, we’ll start the day on an apocalyptic note with two great reads from their catalog. How about a hardcover of the new thriller from bestselling author Steve Savile, SILVER – along with a paperback from bestselling author Jeremy Robinson, ANTARKTOS RISING.

Interested? Well, here’s all you have to do:

  • 1. If you’re on Twitter, type “Free giveaways all day long at Jon F. Merz’s new website #books #ebooks #writer” & then come back here and leave me a comment below so I know you put out the tweet.
  • 2. If you’re on Facebook, type a status update that reads: “Free giveaways all day long at author Jon F. Merz’s new website & join his fan page here on Facebook” & then come back here and post a comment letting me know you did this.
  • 3. Not on Facebook or Twitter? How about putting a link from your website to this one? Once you do, post a comment to let me know what site you’ve linked to mine.
  • 4. No website? Are you on any forums or bulletin boards? If so, start a new thread about the official launch and direct everyone to come here using this link: and then post a comment below letting me know what board you posted to.
  • 5. Not on any boards? Email your friends! Send them a quick email about today’s launch and invite them to swing by – BCC me on it (use the email address jonfmerz AT gmail DOT com) so I can see how many people you told about this site and then chime in with a comment below letting me know what you did.

Doing any of these will automatically enter you into the first giveaway! Just be sure to comment below so I know what’s going on. I need to be able to track these efforts at spreading the word about my site and my work. I’ll draw the first name shortly after 12pm noon EST!

Have fun!

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  • JimPI March 31, 2010  


  • Sachula March 31, 2010  

    Hehe – I posted on Twitter and Facebook…I’ll become a fan of your facebook once i get a chance to logon! I”ll probably add a post to my own website in a bit, there’s a few local writers here that watch it. 🙂 Good luck with the launch!

  • admin March 31, 2010  

    Thanks very much! Welcome to the fun!

  • admin March 31, 2010  

    Thanks Jim!

  • renee s March 31, 2010  

    i twitted you today ! love your stuff !
    good luck with new website…

  • Lisa Doherty March 31, 2010  

    I just shared your link on FB and am now going to share on Twitter also. Good luck with the new page…it’s great!

  • Lisa Doherty March 31, 2010  

    Just posted on Twitter too 🙂

  • admin March 31, 2010  

    Thanks everyone! Really appreciate you all swinging by! I’ve got to run out for a few hours (my sons have dental appointments) but I’ll be checking in with my iPhone to monitor the action and then announce the first winner!

    Stay tuned! 🙂

  • Beth Burrow March 31, 2010  

    Posted on both Twitter and Facebook!!!! Woohoo!!!! 🙂

  • Chris March 31, 2010  

    Ha, posted on my profile. I’m feeling lucky!

  • Sandra Burroq March 31, 2010  

    Hi Jon, I posted it on Facebook!! Have a great day!

  • Sandra Burrow March 31, 2010  

    Okay…I spelled my last name wrong!! lol It’s Sandra Burrow!! lol

  • McDroll March 31, 2010  

    wish you lots of luck, my friend, with your new website 🙂

  • Beth Burrow March 31, 2010  

    Jon….my mom is new to the whole blog thing!!! She did post on Facebook!! 🙂

  • Dewey Tran March 31, 2010  

    nice website Jon.. FYI… I did post it on my Twitter account…
    Best wishes!!!

  • Nancy March 31, 2010  

    Hi Jon, Tweeted and FB’d – have a great day

  • Dark Intruder March 31, 2010  

    Just Tweeted about the site, Jon!

  • Stewie March 31, 2010  

    2 Twitter accounts dropped, and a facebook account. Dig your work.


  • skraeling March 31, 2010  

    Just tweeted the post! Good luck on the TV show!!!

  • Chopus March 31, 2010  

    Good Luck
    with it all 🙂

  • Rich Borgatti March 31, 2010  

    Sent a Tweet!

  • admin March 31, 2010  

    Thanks everyone! Much appreciated! Drawing the first winner in a moment….

  • dave wahlman March 31, 2010  

    hello jon. website looks cool. i posted on facebook.

  • Kent Holloway March 31, 2010  

    I both tweeted and posted on facebook.

  • Jurnee Literature March 31, 2010  

    Hi Jon, have posted on Facebook and added a link on my blog!

    Hope I win!!!

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