THE FIXER Graphic Novel Cover Art Revealed

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Artist Brian McCulloch has delivered the final painting for THE FIXER graphic novel cover and it’s fantastic stuff! I especially admire how well he was able to capture actor Brandon Stumpf and the background of Vienna (where the first part of the story takes place). This is going to be a gorgeous book and Brian’s skill definitely adds a great deal to its worth. If you haven’t ordered the book yet, you need to now. Don’t wait because these will go quickly once it’s done. Right now, there are no plans to offer this through a traditional distributor, so unless you get in on this great book now, you won’t be able to find a copy unless you search the secondary market and don’t mind paying hundreds of dollars for it. You can get it right now for just $19.95 ($14.95 + $5 shipping anywhere in the world) by using the form below.

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  • Charlie Alejandro April 30, 2010  

    John I love the art work!!!! This is going to be awesome!!

  • Merle Gornick April 30, 2010  

    Nicely done! Great look, Brandon! Glad that I already pre-ordered it!

  • Brian McCulloch April 30, 2010  

    Very pleased with the reception of this piece, much appreciated.

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