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A good friend of mine, Ken Richardson, has formed an organization devoted to helping kids resist the lure of drugs and violence. No Weapon Needed promotes the development of a sound body, mind, and spirit through martial arts, boxing, working out in the gym, and more to inner city youth on the North Shore of Massachusetts. The organization is just getting started, and it needs help to survive. I believe very strongly in Ken’s work and I’ve known him for a very long time. He’s got a great heart and the kids he helps are truly appreciative of all his time and effort.

Here’s Ken describing the mission statement of No Weapon Needed:

So, to that end, I’d like to help Ken as much as possible. I’m donating proceeds from the sales of my ebooks over the next week to No Weapon Needed and my goal is to raise at least $500 for his great work.

If you’re missing any of my various ebooks or stories, I hope you’ll consider purchasing them over the next few days. I’ll also make this special offer:

Donate $50 and you get every single one of my current ebooks & stories sent direct to you. That’s everything I’ve got available on Amazon right now (in the format of your choice) along with The Fixer Files and some other things kicking around. You can use Paypal to send the money direct to me at jonfmerz AT verizon DOT net and I’ll ship out the ebooks within the next 24 hours. Just be sure to specify the file format you’d like (.pdf, .azw (Kindle), text, or epub)

The Fixer Files are available again for this special cause: $9.95 through Paypal as well.

Otherwise, my novels are $2.99, novellas are $1.99, and stories are $.99 each. But I hope you’ll consider donating more to this worthy cause. Just Paypal the money to me direct at and let me know what you’d like.

You can find a complete listing of my work by visiting my website at or out on the Amazon Kindle store – just search for Jon F. Merz

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