1&1 Internet – World’s Worst Web Hosting Service?

So, here’s my morning so far: I got a collection agency letter yesterday (3 of them, actually, all with varying amounts listed) from NCO Financial regarding the website I have hosted with 1&1 Internet. The account was frozen because 1&1 had an old credit card for billing that has since expired. Rather than contact me, they simply kept trying to bill it, and then when the payments didn’t go through, they threw it out to a collection agency. Lovely, huh?

I called 1&1 last night, but of course they were closed. So I called this morning and was told that I would have to deal with NCO directly since they farm those bills out and “the balance is no longer in our system.” Bizarre. I called NCO and made a full payment for the balance, which was a measly $73 bucks. NCO gave me a confirmation number and told me that 1&1 could call them to confirm the payment so they could unfreeze my account.

I called 1&1 back, gave them the confirmation number and was then told my account would be unfrozen in FOUR DAYS. Wait – what? FOUR DAYS? You have got to be kidding me. What century are we living in? I asked to speak to a supervisor. Damian then picked up the phone and I explained the situation to him. Now, bear in mind, that prior to this, I’ve never had a payment rejected or anything like that. I was a good customer. But Damian insisted it take four days as well. I asked for an explanation why since I’d given them the confirmation number, and NCO even said they could call, but Damian didn’t seem to give a rat’s ass.

So now I’m taking to the web to air this out and see if I can get some help. I’d appreciate retweets & shares of this and if you feel like doing so, the 1&1 Facebook page is here and their twitter feed is here. Who knows, maybe I can get some results.


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