Burpees for Breakfast: 50 Burpees Every Single Day in 2014

If you read my post on 10 Ways to Make Your 2014 Better, you know that helping others is always a big part of any new year plans. It's something I firmly believe in; you generate all sorts of good karma and the positivity of helping really goes far beyond the act itself. This year, I resolved to do something a bit crazy: 50 burpees every single day for the entire year - all to raise money for NO KID HUNGRY, a great charity that provides meals and education to children in need. The fact is, 1-in-5 kids in the United States is considered hungry. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around that fact; no child should ever want for food, especially in this country! But they do, and so, I'm hoping to do something about it. So I launched BURPEES FOR BREAKFAST. My goal is to raise $50,000 over the course of 2014. If I reach that goal, the money will provide 500,000 meals. Half a million meals for kids who are hungry! That's substantial. Here's a short information video I shot talking about my plans: I started this on January 1st and I'm thirteen days into it. We've already raised $1,290 dollars - enough to provide 12,900 meals - but I'm going to keep going until we blast through that $50,000 goal. Obviously, I need your help. Donations are the best way to help - even a small amount helps. One $10 donation provides 100 meals. Please give what you can. But I'm also trying to spread the word about this campaign. Let your newspapers, news stations, magazines, websites - everyone - know what I'm doing. It is possible to change the world in only five minutes each day - that's about the amount of time it takes me to do the burpees - but I need your help to make this goal a reality. You can donate by going to this page. The donations go directly to the charity itself. The official website for Burpees for Breakfast is here and I videotape myself doing the 50 burpees every single day and post it there. Scan back for some interesting episodes! There is also a Facebook page here. Thank you for your donations & help!

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