Monthly Archives: February 2011

The End of Fabruary

Bunch of stuff to talk about today… Last week was spent suffering through a nasty bout of the flu. I was down for most of the week (the worst was actually over in about two days, but the lingering effects sucked) and spent all my awake time finishing off my final Rogue Angel novel. I’ve […]

Cheap Reads, Free Reads, Radio & Signing

So, a real quick blitzkrieg post here… PARALLAX, my awesome psychic espionage thriller is now JUST 99 CENTS. ZOMG! GO! RUN! GET IT! Kindle Users | Nook Users DEAD DROP, a Lawson Vampire short story is FREE RIGHT NOW! ZOMGx2! GO! GRAB SOME! Kindle Users | PDF File Download Tonight at midnight I will be […]

Upcoming Release Schedule… 1

With the entire Lawson Vampire backlist selling well on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, I’ve decided to get a lot of stories, novellas, and novels out into the ebook marketplace. So, to give you a snapshot of what’s ahead, here’s a list of what you can expect between now and next year. The exact […]