What About Books 1-4?

So, inevitably, with the release of the long-awaited 5th Lawson Vampire novel, THE KENSEI just 11 days, people are asking about the first four books – specifically, THE FIXER, THE INVOKER, THE DESTRUCTOR, and THE SYNDICATE. All of these books were released by Kensington Publications Corp’s Pinnacle Books line back in 2002-2003. And they’re all out-of-print now. That’s not to say you can’t dig up a copy at some places but they’re not generally available at this point. With that said, let me make on thing abundantly clear:

You don’t need to read books 1-4 to read THE KENSEI.

When St. Martin’s – a far better publishing house than the previous home Lawson had – decided to buy THE KENSEI, my brilliant editor and I worked to ensure that new readers and old fans alike could equally lose themselves in the pages of it without needing to have read any of the other books or stories. This is a series REBOOT – if you’ve never read Lawson before, the THE KENSEI is a great introduction.

Now, of course, I would love to have all the rpevious four novels re-released (along with some much needed editorial rewrites at the hands of my amazing editor) and that will hopefully happen soon. But the single best way to help ensure that is to buy gobs and gobs of copies of THE KENSEI. Like everyone, my editor reports to higher-ups. And those higher-ups want to see big sales numbers for THE KENSEI. You buying a copy and then picking one up for a pal and then telling all of your co-workers about it, and then telling your family to get copies for themselves – all of that helps! So does spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, any forums you frequent, and any flyers you help post around your town, library, what have you. Your word-of-mouth endorsement of THE KENSEI is the single-best way to help Lawson.

Just this morning, using Amazon new Bookscan software, I see that someone managed to find a copy of The Syndicate somewhere around the country. I won’t see a dime from that sale. All the rights to those books have reverted to me and I’m patiently waiting to sell those rights to my new publisher. I don’t want people thinking they need to read those other books – you only need to buy THE KENSEI and then get everyone you know to buy a copy. 🙂

I hope this clears up any confusion, but let me know if you have any more questions and I’ll be glad to answer ’em!

Eleven days…I’m so excited I can barely stand it!

Oh, and look for the book trailer to hit the scene soon!

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