Your Weekend Reading

So THE KENSEI has been out in stores for four days now and I’m thrilled at the response it’s getting from readers, fans, and reviewers alike. People are posting pictures of themsevles with the book over on my Facebook Fan Page, which I absolutely love.

But I hope to keep the momentum going this weekend and see a whole bunch of people go and grab THE KENSEI at their favorite bookstore. Buying the paperback version helps me a lot more than the ebook version since selling out the first print run is vitally important to getting more Lawson books out! And remember, if you buy both and ebook and print version, it count as TWO entries into the sword giveaway contest (send receipts to for a chance to win).

To help you, I’ve listed all the places you can buy THE KENSEI below:

Canadian Friends:

UK Friends:

So please get out there this weekend and pick up a copy or two! Be sure to tell your friends and family, too! Thanks!

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