300 Ebooks in One Day?

So, we’re getting down to the end of the month and I’ve been very happy with my ebook sales. I’ve already surpassed last month, but I want to introduce even more people to my Lawson series. So, I’m posting a bit of a challenge – feel free to play along! I’m going to try to sell 300 copies of THE FIXER today, Friday, March 25th. Doesn’t matter if it’s for the Kindle or the Nook and there are links to each out here.

But I’d like your help in spreading the word about it. If you have a few friends who you think would enjoy the series, then please pass this on to them. In a few short weeks, the official website for THE FIXER TV series will debut along with new video footage, new books, and much more. This is the time to drive new fans to the series and get them hooked on the fun-filled world of Lawson.

Get THE FIXER for the Kindle | Get THE FIXER for the Nook

So please join me today and pick up a copy of THE FIXER. If you already have it, please make sure you’ve got the rest of the series, since we’ll be unveiling new adventures very soon.

Use the “share buttons” below to help spread the word – especially on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for your help!

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