There comes a point every summer when we start longing for the cooler temperatures of the fall. It’s August and by now, the sun’s rays have baked the earth around us. Humidity makes it feel like every step you take is in the deepest, darkest jungle where breathing is hot, wet, and just painful. We drink, but it never seems to be enough to stave off the blistering solar assault above us.

So, our thoughts naturally turn to those days when cool breezes wash over us, bringing relief. When the dancing leaves are harbingers of the first flakes of snow, drifting down in a delicate ballet reflective of nature’s own ethereal rhythm. At this time of year, we look forward to those days, with the bite of promised snow in the air, the gathering clouds of some far off storm bloating the heavens, and the eventual crackle of wood upon a blazing hearth.

With that in mind, I hereby present my offer of solace from the August heat. PREY will transport you the bottom of the world to the snowy mountains of Antarctica, where the frigid winds carry the promise of something sinister and hidden, locked away in an icy tomb until a group of scientists discovers it.

Now, they’re being hunted.

And as darkness falls at the bottom of the world, the real terror begins.

Prey is available for both the Kindle and the Nook. It’s a ticket to adventure in the frozen reaches of the Antarctic wilderness.

And the horrors that await.

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