You might recall a few months back I asked a lot of you what you’d think about an idea I had to develop what was basically a Jon F. Merz magazine – something much more than just a newsletter, with free fiction, reviews, non-fiction, and more in it. Based on your responses, I’ve decided to reformat my official newsletter BOSTON NOCTURNE and turn it into a newsletter/magazine very much along the prototype I asked you all about.

Tomorrow, issue 1 – the February 2010 edition – launches.

BOSTON NOCTURNE is free. Free fiction. Free reviews. Free opinion. Free practical safety tips. And free much more. Imagine an innovative experience unlike any other author newsletter and you get BOSTON NOCTURNE. It will be published monthly and delivered straight to your email, hassle-free.

The only way to get it: send me an email. That’s it. Quick, simple, easy, and best of all – free.

One more thing: if you’re already subscribed to my original newsletter from way, waaaaay back, you don’t need to resubscribe. I’ll import your email address from that list and get you going right away. But if your address has changed or if you haven’t gotten any recent updates, you’ll definitely want to send a new email to receive BOSTON NOCTURNE.

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  • Merle February 9, 2010  

    Very awesome Jon. Since my name and email didn’t automatically appear like it used to, maybe I’m not on your subscription list so I’ll send you an email in case. Way to go! 🙂

  • kezza44 February 9, 2010  

    Hey Jon – kewl wow fantastic – you are a kewl writer – happy to share free material with us your reading fans thanks again

  • Merle February 10, 2010  

    looking forward to its debut!

  • Dave Maciver February 10, 2010  

    Good good, I like when I can be lazy and…wait my email address may have changed since the old one actually. I’ll pop a mail just in case 🙂

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