2012/2013 Publication Schedule (partial)

By Jon F. Merz Since we're heading into the end of the year, I thought I'd draw up a list of coming attractions of SOME of the stuff I'll be publishing soon. So here ya go! DECEMBER 2012
  • Zombie Ryu Episode 3
  • Untitled Lawson Christmas Story
  • THE CRUCIBLE: A Lawson Vampire Novel
  • Zombie Ryu Episode 4
MARCH 2013
  • Zombie Ryu Episode 5
APRIL 2013
  • Zombie Ryu Episode 6
MAY 2013
  • THE NINJA APPRENTICE: The Tsuba of Kotogawa (book 2)
  • Zombie Ryu Episode 7
  • Lawson Novella
  • Zombie Ryu Episode 8
  • Zombie Ryu Episode 9
  • Zombie Ryu Episode 10
  • Zombie Ryu Episode 11
  • Zombie Ryu Episode 12 (season finale)
ALSO IN FALL 2013 SHADOW WARRIOR: Undead Hordes of Kan-Gul (this is book 1 in my new fantasy series from Baen Books) There's more than this, but this is enough to make my head explode (in a good way!) I hope you're as excited as I am! And by the way, my awesome offer still stands for those of you who want to give my ebooks as gifts this holiday season. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of it since you get something as well. And please share this with your friends and family. There's nothing like the gift of some adrenalized mayhem courtesy of your crazy author pal to make the holidays into a thing of beauty!

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