So, lessee…got a few updates to share…

First of all, I received the first pass typeset pages for THE KENSEI in the mail today. These are basically how the pages will look in the actual book. I need to go through them and spot any typos and report them back. This is usually where the gremlins like to jump in and hide often resulting in angry readers spotting them once the book is released, heh heh. So I’ll give it another once-over and then get them back to St. Martin’s as soon as possible.

And speaking of THE KENSEI…it is now officially up for pre-order over at Amazon.com The street date for the book is January 2011 and Amazon reports they’ll start shipping it on or about January 18th. Pre-orders always help, so if you’re so inclined, please head on over and secure your copy now. Here’s a handy link you can use to pre-order it. And yes, that is the cover as it stands right now.

I’m currently working on a beat-sheet for a screenplay for my Los Angeles-based Manager, who is anxious to get something from me that he can sell. So I’m reworking a project to see if that might fit the bill. We’ll see…

Also, had the second today of two meetings around my YA adventure series. I’ve got my marching orders from my ever-excellent agent, Joe Monti of the Barry Goldblatt Literary Agency and revisions will start almost immediately (once I get the beat-sheet off to my manager). But big things are definitely ahead for that series and both my agent and I are extremely excited about how the book is coming along…this has been five years in the making since I started thinking about it, so to have it at this stage even is a big thing.

Got some other news to share with you all soon. So far, it’s been a pretty damned good week.

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Recent Events Round-Up…

So, to recap for the new folks following me on Twitter and Facebook:

1. I have a new deal with St. Martin’s Press for the Lawson Vampire series. Book 5 comes out in Spring 2011 and I’m thrilled to be with a major publisher and awesome editor.
2. A special 3-chapbook series of Lawson missions called DARK OPS will see print in April 2010 from UK publisher Ghostwriter Publications. Pre-orders should be up soon.
3. A Lawson graphic novel is coming in October. Cover art and interiors are being sketched right now. Details when I have ’em…
4. The Lawson e-serial THE MADAGASCAR MATTER is on-going. If you haven’t subscribed yet, use the form below to get in on the fun:

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5. BOSTON NOCTURNE has been redesigned as a 10-page monthly magazine featuring free fiction, non-fiction, reviews, etc. but you need to subscribe by Emailing Me to get your copies.
6. THE FIXER TV series is moving ahead, albeit slowly. More news on the next release date of teaser #2 as soon as I have it.
7. More ROGUE ANGEL novels written by me will be coming out over the next few years.
8. My website is being redesigned again and will debut fairly soon.
9. The first installment from HELLtalkers (co-written with Joe Nassise) is available by going HERE!.
10. Be sure to check out my PublishersMarketplace Page for some exclusive video clips.

Thanks for catching up with me!

Sometimes You Just Have To Go Dark…

Announcing DARK OPS: Unsanctioned – The Lawson Vampire Missions, a special 3-chapbook set complete with a beautiful slipcase from UK publisher Ghostwriter Publications. In this special set, you’ll read three never-before-seen missions where Lawson is forced to operate off-the-books and without approval from the Council. These are Dark Ops, the kind that can get him killed…but sometimes, you just have no choice.

Book 1: The Cairo Connection brings Lawson to the Middle East at the request of his old mentor Zero to help track down a vampire acting as moneyman for various terror groups. But why hasn’t he been sanctioned by the Council before? A startling revelation means more heat than just the weather in this sizzling foray.

Book 2: A Forced Disappearance pushes Lawson to the edge of his operational ability when he’s asked by the Lycanthrope Elder Belladonna to find her missing protegee Monk. The trail leads Lawson exactly where he least expects it – back to his own people – and more shadowy conspiracy than he can stomach.

Book 3: Canary Trap sees Lawson getting himself declared Rogue in order to flush out a leak within the Fixer service. Now with all active Fixers looking to put a bullet in him, he’s got 24 hours to find the traitor before his former friends find him first.

3 chapbooks all bound with their own gorgeous cover surrounded by the beautiful slipcase seen above. This collection will be published in April 2010 and costs just 4.99 in British pounds, which equals about $7.81 – it’s a great deal and the order page will be going up very soon.


You might recall a few months back I asked a lot of you what you’d think about an idea I had to develop what was basically a Jon F. Merz magazine – something much more than just a newsletter, with free fiction, reviews, non-fiction, and more in it. Based on your responses, I’ve decided to reformat my official newsletter BOSTON NOCTURNE and turn it into a newsletter/magazine very much along the prototype I asked you all about.

Tomorrow, issue 1 – the February 2010 edition – launches.

BOSTON NOCTURNE is free. Free fiction. Free reviews. Free opinion. Free practical safety tips. And free much more. Imagine an innovative experience unlike any other author newsletter and you get BOSTON NOCTURNE. It will be published monthly and delivered straight to your email, hassle-free.

The only way to get it: send me an email. That’s it. Quick, simple, easy, and best of all – free.

One more thing: if you’re already subscribed to my original newsletter from way, waaaaay back, you don’t need to resubscribe. I’ll import your email address from that list and get you going right away. But if your address has changed or if you haven’t gotten any recent updates, you’ll definitely want to send a new email to receive BOSTON NOCTURNE.