Giveaway #4: Ninjutsu + Werewolves!

Oh, this is a good one! First up: we’ve got a great training package from my great friend Ken Savage at The Winchendon Martial Arts Center in Winchendon, MA. How do four private lessons sound with a master ninjutsu instructor? Ken will teach you over the course of four one-hour private lessons, the fundamentals of using the bo (staff) or ken (sword) at his dojo. Included in this package are a training tool (either the bo or the wooden sword) and an instructional booklet. Ken is a phenomenal teacher and a very close friend of mine. I’ve learned a ton from him over the years.

But that’s not all! My friend author Mike Oliveri is offering a free & signed copy of his werewolf graphic novel THE PACK: Winter Kill, from Evil Eye Books. The book has been getting rave reviews and you should definitely check it out!

  • 1. If you’re on Twitter, type “Free giveaways all day long at Jon F. Merz’s new website #books #ebooks #writer” & then come back here and leave me a comment below so I know you put out the tweet.
  • 2. If you’re on Facebook, type a status update that reads: “Free giveaways all day long at author Jon F. Merz’s new website & join his fan page here on Facebook” & then come back here and post a comment letting me know you did this.
  • 3. Not on Facebook or Twitter? How about putting a link from your website to this one? Once you do, post a comment to let me know what site you’ve linked to mine.
  • 4. No website? Are you on any forums or bulletin boards? If so, start a new thread about the official launch and direct everyone to come here using this link: and then post a comment below letting me know what board you posted to.
  • 5. Not on any boards? Email your friends! Send them a quick email about today’s launch and invite them to swing by – BCC me on it (use the email address jonfmerz AT gmail DOT com) so I can see how many people you told about this site and then chime in with a comment below letting me know what you did.
  • 6. If you’ve already suggested all your friends become fans of mine on Facebook, then suggest they also become fans of THE FIXER on Facebook as well!

Doing any of these will automatically enter you into the fourth giveaway! Just be sure to comment below so I know what’s going on. I need to be able to track these efforts at spreading the word about my site and my work. I’ll draw the next winner around 5pm EST!

Have fun!

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First Glimpse of THE FIXER Graphic Novel Interior Art

I’m happy to announce that artist Rob Moran of Voodoo Vision Studios has been hired to handle pencils on THE FIXER graphic novel due out in October. Rob did up a quick promo piece at the left featuring a few key elements from part 1 of the story arc. Artist Brian McCullough is also hard at work painting the cover and I fully expect this to be a fantastic book with some truly gorgeous artwork.

Remember, you will need to pre-order this book in order to receive a copy! Right now, there are no plans to offer this through a traditional distributor, so unless you get in on this great book now, you won’t be able to find a copy unless you search the secondary market and don’t mind paying hundreds of dollars for it. You can get it right now for just $19.95 ($14.95 + $5 shipping anywhere in the world) by using the form below.

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It’s always a good idea to remind readers that they can order or get a lot of my stuff still at various venues (my website is actually being moved to a new platform & once it’s done this will all be streamlined much better than this, but for now…)

Let’s start with the Lawson Vampire stuff:

THE FIXER graphic novel debuts in October, but it’s very VERY important to get pre-orders in now. Use the button below to order it: Cost for this gorgeous trade paperback is $15.95 + $4.00 shipping anywhere in the world. Estimated publication date is October 2010.

THE MADAGASCAR MATTER is an on-going e-serial spanning all of 2010 (although this week we went on hiatus because I’m haulin’ butt to finish the first draft of a new novel) $7.95 for the entire year, delivered each week to your email. Order below:

File Format

Amazon Stuff

PARALLAX – my first psychic thriller which has consistently garnered amazing reviews. Click here to buy it for the Kindle!

VICARIOUS – supernatural thriller that people love. Click here to buy it for the Kindle!

Prisoner 392 – my short story originally featured in FROM THE BORDERLANDS. You’ll love it. CLick here to buy it for the Kindle

The Brank of Khosadam – another old-timey short guaranteed to thrill. Click here to buy it for the Kindle

You can also order any of the above as an ebook if you don’t have a Kindle. Drop me a line by emailing jonfmerz AT verizon DOT net and I’ll be happy to tell you how to order.

So, go on and have some fun this weekend – grab some of my stuff! 🙂

First Look: THE FIXER Graphic Novel (Cover)

I’m very happy to release this preliminary sketch of THE FIXER graphic novel cover. It’s going to be an amazing cover, painted by artist Brian McCulloch. Interior art glimpses coming soon. Remember, this may well be your only chance to own this incredible book, so please get your orders in now by using the convenient button below. Cost for this gorgeous trade paperback is $15.95 + $4.00 shipping anywhere in the world. Estimated publication date is October 2010.

Recent Events Round-Up…

So, to recap for the new folks following me on Twitter and Facebook:

1. I have a new deal with St. Martin’s Press for the Lawson Vampire series. Book 5 comes out in Spring 2011 and I’m thrilled to be with a major publisher and awesome editor.
2. A special 3-chapbook series of Lawson missions called DARK OPS will see print in April 2010 from UK publisher Ghostwriter Publications. Pre-orders should be up soon.
3. A Lawson graphic novel is coming in October. Cover art and interiors are being sketched right now. Details when I have ’em…
4. The Lawson e-serial THE MADAGASCAR MATTER is on-going. If you haven’t subscribed yet, use the form below to get in on the fun:

File Format

5. BOSTON NOCTURNE has been redesigned as a 10-page monthly magazine featuring free fiction, non-fiction, reviews, etc. but you need to subscribe by Emailing Me to get your copies.
6. THE FIXER TV series is moving ahead, albeit slowly. More news on the next release date of teaser #2 as soon as I have it.
7. More ROGUE ANGEL novels written by me will be coming out over the next few years.
8. My website is being redesigned again and will debut fairly soon.
9. The first installment from HELLtalkers (co-written with Joe Nassise) is available by going HERE!.
10. Be sure to check out my PublishersMarketplace Page for some exclusive video clips.

Thanks for catching up with me!